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teri yaadon
Teri yaadon mein mein khooya hoon
Isi gham mein mein rota hoon
Mera dil ro raha hai
Tu kyun nahi mere paas hai
Tere saath bitaye har ek pal ko mein yaad karoon
Tere haathon ko apne haathon mein lene ko mein tarsoon
Meri aakhen dhoondhti hai tujhe
Tu kyun nahi mere paas hai
Tum hi se mere din ki shuruat ho
Tum se hi meri raat khatam
Mein choone ko tarsoon tujhe
Tu kyun nahi mere paas hai
Mein chaand tare tod ke de doon tujhe
Mein apni jaan bhi de doon tere liye
Mere ko akela kyun choda tune
Tu kyun nahi mere paas hai
Mein saath tere shoolon pe bhi chalne ko taiyaar
Shool ko phool samajhne ko bhi taiyaar mein
Mera dil kyun toda tune
Tu kyun nahi mere paas hai
Saat janmon tak ka rishta nibhana tha
Kuch dino mein hi chod diya saath
Kyun toda tune wo wada
Tu kyun nahi mere paas hai
Teri yaadon mein mein khooya hoon
Isi gham mein mein rota hoon
Mera dil dhoondhtha hai tujhe
Tu kyun nahi mere paas hai
I'm lost in your memories
I'm crying at the pain
My heart is crying
Why aren't
:iconalwyzhrtbrkn:alwyzhrtbrkn 0 0
All Alone
All alone in the crowd
And im walking around
Feeling alone
Cast aside by the crowd
Trusting new people
Is difficult for me
Ppl that I trust have turned their back on me
Making new friends
Is difficult for me
My best friends have made new groups that don't include me
Who do I trust now
God show me a way
I need your guidance now
Now more than any other day
So many facets of my life I have created
Summing them all up is giving me a headache
My past and my future should never collide
The shambles that I call my life will fall apart so fast
That I will be shunned aside.
:iconalwyzhrtbrkn:alwyzhrtbrkn 0 2
my best frnd
My life is in a crisis
My best friend that I love is going away
So far away
I don't want her to go
I don't want her to go so far away
I want her to be with me and stay
She want to get away
She doesn't want to stay
What should I do to make her stay
I want her to be happy where ever she is
But what about the life plans I built with her.
:iconalwyzhrtbrkn:alwyzhrtbrkn 0 0
im sorry
Im sorry for the things I have done
Im sorry for the things I didn't do
Im sorry for hurting you
I do hope u can recover
I wish you the time of your life
I wish u remember me
I hope I don't become something
U just want to forget asap.
:iconalwyzhrtbrkn:alwyzhrtbrkn 0 0
Been trying to find my friends
In the whole group
But I find myself alone
For no one showed up
Just for once I thought I had friends
But the image shattered
The moment passed
And I find myself searching for friends again.
If option was open
I will be avoided
People will turn away
Like I'm a curse
What did I do to deserve this hell
Alone lost and trying to figure out
The height of the building
from where I fell
tried to test a theory
if anyone reaches out for  me
it came up as empty
as the life ahead of me
I feel like crying I feel like screaming
I want to jump from the roof
And hope
That someone out  there will break my fall.
:iconalwyzhrtbrkn:alwyzhrtbrkn 0 0
This world
This world is conspiring
What is all this about
Something against me its plotting
No goods gonna ever come out
Mixed signals im getting
Something is going down
I pray to save my soul
When this worlds gonna come crashing down
Weird feeling im sensing
Something is just not right
Im looking forward to
When this world gonna turn upside down
Through the fire and flames
A new phoenix is born
The rain of fire is coming
And its gonna turn this world inside out
This worlds gonna burn
For going against me
This worlds gonna hurt
For plotting against me
I wont leave a stone unturned
I wont leave a building standing
Till raze this would to a rubble
Just for defying me
:iconalwyzhrtbrkn:alwyzhrtbrkn 0 0


Love it
I feel your hands in my hair.
I feel your breath on my neck.
I feel your body pressed so close to mine.
I feel your lips on my throat.
I feel your hands move to my back and your lips work their way up to mine.
I feel you and I love it.
I hear you say you love me.
I hear you whisper my name.
I hear you tell me I'm the only one for you.
I hear your breath in my ear.
I hear your soft snores as I fall asleep.
I hear you and I love it.
I see you as I run into your arms.
I see your face break through my world of darkness.
I see you fight away my fears.
I see you wipe away my tears.
I see you're in love with me.
I see you and I love it.
I taste your lips.
I taste your tongue.
I taste your throat as I kiss it.
I taste your love.
I taste your passion.
I taste you and I love it.
I smell your colone as I hold you.
I smell your shampoo as I hug you.
I smell your toothpaste as I kiss you.
I smell your excitement as you cuddle me.
I smell the smell I've been waiting so long to smell.
I smell you and
:iconfallenpoeticlover:fallenpoeticlover 8,778 2,343
i miss you
I miss the way my heart skips a beat when i hear your voice
i miss the way my world lit up when you entered the room
i miss the way your hand always found mine
i miss how our bodies fit together like they were ment for eachother
i miss the way my head fit your shoulder just perfect
i miss the long phone calls that lasted late into the night
i miss it all.....
the way your hair hung in your eyes
the way you always found that right spot
the way you'd make me feel so special id cry
the way you youd say my name
the way you said i love you
i miss you and everything you do....
:iconhelen-:helen- 399 59
Would you miss me?
Would you miss me if I died
Would you kiss me if I cried
Would you hold me tight
Would you squeeze my hand
As my last breath left me
Would you miss me in the night
Cause im not there by your side
Would you cry on my grave
Would you leave flowers in summer
Crosses in winter
Would you cry when someone speaks my name
Would you put my picture in a frame
Would you miss me if I died
Could you wait to be by my side?
:iconel-ruisenor:El-Ruisenor 589 88
The LIfe
Sometimes in the dark,
Sometimes in the night,
I go into the park,
Looking for the light.
Some things you lose,
Some things you find,
But life as such,
Is the game in the mind.
Sometimes, someone you meet,
With the mud at our feet,
Sand in your hands,
And eyes full of dreams.
Some come true,
And some remain false,
But the ecstasy of the true ones,
Wash away the false.
Then comes a time,
When you don't have a dime,
To dream, to feel,
To wash away your crimes.
You bend on your knees,
And beg for forgiveness,
To the one almighty,
Who has all the dimes.
Still you dream...
'Cause dream you must
Of the time, f the dimes
And a heart full of words
Characters changing part,
To meet and to part,
Dreams still the same
Life goes on and on!
:icontheletaureau:TheLeTaureau 2 3


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